List of Parish Councillors

Upton and North Elmsall Parish Council has fifteen members.  The residing Chairman is Councillor Pauline Kitching and the Vice-chair is Councillor Bryan Mears.






Councillors representing the

Parish of Upton

  • Cllr Arthur Miles
  • Cllr Christopher Merrington
  • Cllr Pauline Costello
  • Cllr Kathryn Davison
  • Cllr Steven Pallett

Councillors representing the

Parish of North Elmsall

  • Cllr Bryan Mears
  • Mr David Welsh
  • Cllr Elaine Teasdale
  • Cllr Ian Bell
  • Cllr Liam Dale
  • Cllr Leslie Pallett
  • Cllr P Kitching
  • Cllr Stephen Spencer
  • Cllr Stuart Wooldridge
  • Cllr Susan Wooldridge
Parish Councillors Code of Conduct

Parish Councils Code of Conduct (click to download)

Councillors Register Of Interests

Please click on to the Parish Councillors name to see their register of interest forms.

Mr I Bell

Ms P Costello

Mr L Dale

Mrs K Davison

Mrs P Kitching

Mr B Mears

Mr C Merrington

Mr A Miles

Mr L Pallett

Mr S Pallett

Mr S Spencer

Mrs E Teasdale

Mr D Welsh

Mr S Wooldridge

Mrs S Wooldridge

District Councillors & MP

District Councillors Email Tel No.
Cllr Jessica Carrington 07770 533848
Cllr Allan Garbutt 01977 780742
Cllr Martyn Ward 01977 644689
Member of Parliament Email Tel No.
Jon Trickett MP 01977 655695