List of Parish Councillors

Upton and North Elmsall Parish Council has fifteen members.  The residing Chairman is Councillor Steven Pallett

Committee(s) and its members

Employment Committee – Cllrs Steven Pallett, Pauline Costello, Margaret Stevens, Kath Davison and Joyce Miles

Environment and Open Spaces – Cllrs Leslie Pallett, Jane Abel, Steven Pallett and Margaret Stevens

Village Hall and Activities – Cllrs Mary Hirst, Kath Davison and Margaret Stevens

WMDC and Asset Transfer – Cllrs Barry Tallon, Margaret Stevens, Arthur Miles, Pauline Costello and Kath Davison


Please copy and paste this link to see the Parish Councillors register of members interest forms on WMDC website.  Please note these are open to changes at anytime.

Councillors representing the

Parish of Upton

  • Arthur Miles
  • Margaret Stevens
  • Steven Pallett
  • Kath Davison
  • Clive Drobig

Councillors representing the

Parish of North Elmsall

  • Ms P. Costello
  • Jane Abel
  • Mary Hirst
  • Joyce Miles
  • Lyn Newton
  • Kirsty Thornton
  • Bryan Mears
  • Les Pallett
  • BarryTallon
  • Tracey Walker
Parish Councillors Code of Conduct

Parish Councils Code of Conduct (click to download)

Councillors Register Of Interests

Please click on to the Parish Councillors name to see their register of interest form

Leslie Pallett

Barry Tallon

Pauline Costello



Steven Pallett

Arthur Miles


Bryan Mears

District Councillors & MP

District CouncillorsEmailTel No.
Cllr Jessica 533848
Cllr Allan 780742
Cllr Martyn 644689
Member of ParliamentEmailTel No.
Jon Trickett MP 655695